Periodic Reliability Assessments used for barrier performance monitoring

Added February 1, 2013
ORS offers PRAs for all types of safety barriers and safety critical equipment. In order to provide high quality and to the point service our risk management experts work in close cooperation with the client throughout the assessment.
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Capability Statement for CHAZOP and EHAZOP

Added January 7, 2013
Systematic and structured reviews of control systems and electrical power systems during design or modification projects should be part of any safety management process as such systems are often safety critical.
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Identification and Management of Risks for Marine Operations

Added December 19, 2012
Non-routine marine operations may possess high risk and require a thorough risk management process in order to minimize likelihood for accidents.
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Interlinking HAZOP and SIL for Well Intervention and Workover Systems

Added December 18, 2012
ORS has developed a methodology for the SIL classification and validation process for well intervention and workover systems.
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Concept selection of normally unmanned installations in the North Sea

Added December 12, 2012
Richard Forss has this fall finalized his Master Thesis in cooperation with ORS. Forss is educated from the Department of Fire Safety Engineering and Systems safety at Lund University.
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Capability statement within BOP, drilling systems, subsea production and well intervention systems

Added November 20, 2012
As the industry drives for more complex systems and goes "longer, deeper, colder", standard risk assessment methodologies needs supplementary tools in order to adequately assess the risk impact for safety,
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