ORS expands in Norway

Added March 14, 2016
ORS expands in Norway; Sverre Nodland opens Stavanger office and brings extensive local and international experience to the team.
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Added January 28, 2016
In the petroleum and natural gas industries, multiple safety barriers are used in order to control and mitigate the effects of fires and explosions. Active Fire Protection (AFP) system is an example of a safety barrier, used to prevent escalation of fires and explosions.
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Ridge and ORS Consulting sign strategic cooperation agreement

Added January 12, 2016
ORS Consulting has entered an agreement with the well engineering company Ridge, to align core competencies and to cooperate in projects for oil and gas clients.
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Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) – Guidance in use of numerical data

Added January 5, 2016
ORS Consulting and Tapora System Safety have, on behalf of Sweden’s foremost association for process safety IPS (Intressentföreningen för Processäkerhet), developed a guidance document for use of numerical data in Layer of Protection Analyses (LOPA).
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A brief introduction to Active Fire Protection (AFP) systems

Added November 17, 2015
An Active Fire Protection (AFP) system is one of many safety barrier systems in the oil & gas industry. Active safety barriers such as AFP systems behave in a dynamic way and are often more prone to changes in performance compared to passive barriers such as blast walls and passive fire protection.
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ORS Consulting Joins the Fight against Childhood Cancer

Added June 23, 2015
ORS Consulting set out to support Barncancerfonden (The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation) by fundraising money through the organisation Ride Of Hope and by participating in the Swedish bicycle race Vätternrundan 2015.
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Technical safety in engineering into construction phase

Added June 8, 2015
A strict focus on good HSE results and well-designed systems are important factors in all construction projects. In order to achieve this, a main issue that must be solved is how to ensure that the construction scope can be safely installed and in accordance to the installation plan. This is an issue that must be handled at all levels within company, contractor and sub-contractors.
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ORS delivered tailor made EHAZOP training in South America

Added June 4, 2015
ORS Consulting delivered a 2-day EHAZOP course for IEB Ingeniería Especializada, in Medellín, Colombia.
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How do you ensure that SIL is achieved and maintained?

Added June 2, 2015
Definition of roles and responsibilities together with clear communication lines across different disciplines are key parameters to achieve and fulfill SIL / functional safety requirements.
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