Cost-effective and to-the-point

ORS Consulting (ORS) is an independent consultancy delivering risk-based services for the energy sector. Our vision is to be a premier partner for our customers to unlock cost-saving opportunities, improve asset performance and safety. We will stay relevant to our customers by employing the best people, be at the forefront of risk-based methods and offering the most cost-effective and flexible service.

ORS was formed in 2009, and has today offices in Norway and Sweden. The company built its core competence primarily as technical risk and safety consultants in the North Sea/Norwegian Sea regions where the offshore oil industry is exposed to major accident hazards due to harsh environment, ageing installations and expanding deep-water & subsea operations.

Our goal is providing “to-the-point”, meaningful and cost-effective advisory services to our clients.

ORS is fully owned and run by companyґs employees. We maintain a long-term view with focus on high-quality deliveries, satisfied clients and constructive dialog with our partners as well as our competitors.

ORS is fully independent with no ownership interest with other companies/institutions.