Unlock the potential
with a risk-based approach

INTEGRATED DESIGN REVIEW – a method to scrutinize project interfaces

Added November 21, 2016
In several offshore projects, mistakes and design errors can be traced back to missing or incorrect interface information. This will in most cases increase both cost and schedule risk. To mitigate this risk, and support safe and effective operation, ORS has developed and utilized a methodology named “Integrated Design Review” (IDR).
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Subsea Production and Workover Systems

Added November 18, 2016
ORS provides technical risk-, safety- and asset integrity services for subsea development projects and asset operations worldwide. We support our clients with our highly specialized services all the way from a customized subsea QRA methodology, barrier management, as well as designing workover and drilling systems according to IEC61511. We use risk as a central toolbox to unlock cost saving opportunities, improve safety and asset performance.
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ORS Consulting to present at IFEA conference at Gardermoen 3rd-4th of November 2016

Added October 18, 2016
Thomas Fylking will share ORS Consulting (ORS) views on how to ensure effective information flow when managing handover from engineering of Safety Instrument System (SIS) to operation, as well as effective follow up in during operations.
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